Wednesday, September 2, 2015

United in nominating Abdul sattar edhi to receive the noble peace price

The Edhi Foundation is a non-profit unique social welfare program in Pakistan founded by Abdul Sattar Edhi in 1951 as one man operating from a single room in Karachi. This amazing foundation now has over 300 centers across the country including centers all over the world providing 24 hour emergency assistance across Pakistan and also abroad. The foundation also gave relief to the victims of hurricane Katrina. Some of the many services provided include shelter for the destitute, free hospitals, education, healthcare and orphanages. The value of these necessary services cannot be over-estimated in a nation where 60.3% of the population live on under £2 per day and 40 million people live in poverty. The noble and unassuming man is a living saint who has devoted his life to address both the causes and results of such inequity, is now failing in health. He is worthy of recognition of his remarkable achievements during his life-time and will leave a rare humanitarian legacy to continue long after he is gone. Let's all unite and sign this petition and make sure the Nobel Peace Prize Committee honor this man with the Nobel Peace Price.


Saturday, January 31, 2015

Teens on Social Media - A short brief

Social media
Social network sites play an important role in the lives of many people. According to the single person’s thoughts, 60 % of 13-17 years old people have at least one profile on social networking sites and the most of them use more than 2-3 hour per day on social networking site. Social networking sites give opportunities to teenagers who participate with them but on the other hand there are also some sort of risk and it is important for parent to help their children use these sites wisely. There are some benefits like staying connected with friends, develops new social contact, sharing your personal  expressions such as art work, music and political view. It may also involve some risk at the same point like sharing photos or videos, vulnerability to the adults and most important it reduces the amount of physically activity. The overall point which we  about to discuss is about to explore the attitude, behaviour, opinion, knowledge of young people in regarding to the use of internet , social networking site and the  risk involved using internet. The growth of online social networking sites is increasing day by day and the result of the growth of social networking is that is reflected to the increasing number of children and young  people who take part in social network. No doubt, Internet plays a progressively role in the lives of children and young people as they grow older. Overall children, young people lead very busy lives with school and doing different activities. On the other hand, the use of internet will increase with their age .Internet is a source of entertainment, information and education. By using internet, the use of social networking there are many websites that exist on the internet but Facebook is the most popular around the whole world. Children and young people engage three main types of people via social networking, these are include their immediate friend who they have relationship with their Facebook community, then acquaintances, friends of friends where they may not personally know and random add. This seems the smallest group of children and young people interact with. Basically the use of social network for both children and young people is a tool for communication. They spend much of their time thinking about, talking to, and interacting with their friendship groups. The internet can also provide an idea for relaxation and entertainment when at home but we mentioned above young children are very busy. Most important of all through social networking, it becomes a universal means of interaction that almost all teenagers are taking part in. 

Teens on social media

As a result, frequency of internet use clearly increases with age. According to broad age group 8-9 year old tend to be very limited. Mostly used these websites during this age interval like Disney, Hannah Montana, firm etc. Their internet use is closely supervised by their parents. In 10-12 years old, children used as a resource for information as well as entertainment. They mostly used parent’s phones for games, watching videos, listening song. The most common was iPod touch. In the age of 13-14, children use their laptop or some family laptop mostly in their bedrooms. Their internet use has become largely a private affair without any family involvement. Mostly used Facebook, Skype, YouTube, Google site on a regularly basis. Parent must have monitoring their children’s behavior and their internet use. In the age of 15-17 year old, teenagers are completely and independently engaged with the internet. They have their own laptops, iPods, and internet enable phones. They access the internet and different sites without any permission of parents. Most of the children are very active in playing games on the internet. Parents should have awareness how to protect their children from online monsters. Teens are bullied and lack of self-awareness increasing day by day due to ignorance of parents. Bundle of monitoring software are available on internet, parents can download spy software to monitor and pay vital role in term of online protections of their kids. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Liberty gloss up at Bhaiya’s Birthday – let’s make fun

When somebody will call you sweetly, You will remind a person“ 
 A tribute to Rana Ahmad 

A great man nick as “Bahiya G” Original Rana Ahmad Tayyab Shahid. Rana belongs to Sialkot. Following his Father profession, firstly Ahmad done LLB(hons) and right now he is on his way to Masters in law from UMT Lahore, Pakistan. Meanwhile Rana is practising in High Court. He is just a loyal, intelligent, patient and growing professional in law firm.

He was executive member of Bhai Log, A student council in UOG, Gujrat, Pakistan. Bulk of Alumni and juniors known Rana as name of Bhaiya G. Ahmad was just an honourable and leading personality of this student group of UOG. Last month Bhai Log have had their anniversary. Founder of Bhai Log Malik Tariq common as Jatoi and King Maker, another name of this adorable personality were invited in that anniversary. That was great and awesome management of students. 

25 years gone and what have i done ? Ahmad Tayyab quotes on his Birthday

"You can stop man but you cannot stop a concept", said by Founder of Bhai Log "Jatoi". Well Malik Tariq fills as in Electrical Engineer and have a damn unpredictable personality. Words can't explain him. You want to know about him? Just have a look at his face and that's it, you got everything but nothing. That's why i said we don't need to elaborate his personality. Just let him on his plans.

Well it’s Bhaiya's birthday today at 13 of January 2015. One of our most close friends Shahbaz Ahmad, Yawar Ali and most of most SUST Saqib Omer gave him birthday party at Salt n peeper liberty and liberty gloss up with the smile of birthday boy. He was looking very happy.


In night there was a grand party arranged by them in surprise. There were so much arrangement which are not concern to discuss here. You can write up in your comment as guess. We enjoyed very much in that party with our honourable mate Faisal Ali and above mentioned kids (lol) with beloved brother, mate and friend.
lets end this story with official Acclamation "Haiyya Haiyya Ahmad Bhaiya"

GEO Bhaiya. You are always best.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Join Hands in the Honour of Peshawar Children

I don't have words to express sad demise of Peshawar attack Animals in the name and body of humans entered in school and massacred over 100 kids. I hardly condemn that lack of mind effort of terrorism and if any single person who don't can easily be called non-human identity in the world, regardless identity belongs to any religion, cast or custom. This incident attacked at the backbone of a religious country named Pakistan and humanity. Old says that we have to learn lesson from these kind of terrorism and try to cover it immediately. No doubt Pak Army is doing its best in the form of Zarb-e-Azab in this regard. Its best time for Pakistani Government to take huge actions, planning and strategies which proof as a well learnt lesson. As Pakistan Government made different security services, and most of precious effort to take every single kid in school in the end of 2015 not in any street, or any waste place. Please join hands in the honour of Peshawar 

Kids are the most innocent stage of life and love and memories attached with this stage sounds unforgettable. Can you imagine you sent your kid to school and in returns you receive them dead, so horrible to think even. Somebody who sees schools as an essential driver to keep youngsters from recruitment into a life of roughness. Training isn't simply the best antitoxin to neediness, it is one of the best hostile to terrorism strategies - it bails children escape from sadness and into circumstance. We should meet this catastrophe with a huge worldwide call to get each tyke in school.

Peshawar children

Our Governments made a guarantee to they would get all children in school over the world before the end of 2015. We should get it going now for Pakistan and different nations - join the fight to respect the memory of the Children of Peshawar - it will be conveyed by Gordon Brown, UN Special Envoy on Education, to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and pioneers who can make it a reality. Include your name now.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Without struggle match box trick is impossible

Malik Shafique Awan is an extraordinary member of SUST group and unfortunately co-founder or you can say founder of this group. This group consist of three members which are listed below:
"I will not leave South Africa, nor will I surrender. Only through hardship, sacrifice and militant action can freedom be won. The struggle is my life. I will continue fighting for freedom until the end of my days. Said by Mandela. This Story can totally be relate to this quote.
Malik Shafique Awan did a trick which was recorded by Channel A or Channel B. We are confirm about that. This shows that If Nelson Mandela can serve his nation through continues struggle then why not Malik Shafique Awan can shine a stick without match box?  Its definite sign of success.

Make yourself tricky and Spark stick without match Box.

You can post comment your reviews and thoughts.