Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Liberty gloss up at Bhaiya’s Birthday – let’s make fun

When somebody will call you sweetly, You will remind a person“ 
 A tribute to Rana Ahmad 

A great man nick as “Bahiya G” Original Rana Ahmad Tayyab Shahid. Rana belongs to Sialkot. Following his Father profession, firstly Ahmad done LLB(hons) and right now he is on his way to Masters in law from UMT Lahore, Pakistan. Meanwhile Rana is practising in High Court. He is just a loyal, intelligent, patient and growing professional in law firm.

He was executive member of Bhai Log, A student council in UOG, Gujrat, Pakistan. Bulk of Alumni and juniors known Rana as name of Bhaiya G. Ahmad was just an honourable and leading personality of this student group of UOG. Last month Bhai Log have had their anniversary. Founder of Bhai Log Malik Tariq common as Jatoi and King Maker, another name of this adorable personality were invited in that anniversary. That was great and awesome management of students. 

25 years gone and what have i done ? Ahmad Tayyab quotes on his Birthday

"You can stop man but you cannot stop a concept", said by Founder of Bhai Log "Jatoi". Well Malik Tariq fills as in Electrical Engineer and have a damn unpredictable personality. Words can't explain him. You want to know about him? Just have a look at his face and that's it, you got everything but nothing. That's why i said we don't need to elaborate his personality. Just let him on his plans.

Well it’s Bhaiya's birthday today at 13 of January 2015. One of our most close friends Shahbaz Ahmad, Yawar Ali and most of most SUST Saqib Omer gave him birthday party at Salt n peeper liberty and liberty gloss up with the smile of birthday boy. He was looking very happy.


In night there was a grand party arranged by them in surprise. There were so much arrangement which are not concern to discuss here. You can write up in your comment as guess. We enjoyed very much in that party with our honourable mate Faisal Ali and above mentioned kids (lol) with beloved brother, mate and friend.
lets end this story with official Acclamation "Haiyya Haiyya Ahmad Bhaiya"

GEO Bhaiya. You are always best.